Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Video-Conferencing Italy-Ireland

Last Tuesday, 16th of Dec 2008, at 12,15, our students met Irish´s pupils online by a video-conference. It was a wonderful experience for teachers who are always happy to meet up, and of course for our students.

The Irish children spoke a little Italian, and the Italians spoke English. All of them were very shy; they spoke about their towns and their favourite sport.

Time went on very quick so we are already waiting for the next video-conference that will be held in January.

CIAOOO!!! See you soon.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas' Work

presepe logo istituto natale

Ladies and gentlemen, Ciao a tutti!

We want to show you our work about Christmas.
The classes working on this project belong to the 1st year of the secondary school (11 years old).

On the following link you can see it: work about Christmas.

Buon Natale a tutti!

Monday, 8 December 2008

We, too, on the newspaper!

The newspaper"La Sicilia" published the article about our meeting in Cork. You see the article in this link: Articolo PL.
We thank the journalist Paolo Licciardello. "La Sicilia" is a sicilian newspaper. In the photo you can see: Paola, Claire, Mr Kelvin, Maria Rita, Anna and Alfio.

Friday, 5 December 2008


Ciao a tutti, un saluto affettuoso dalla Sicilia!
A big kiss to everyone. I remember the beautifull time we spent togheter. I'll send you some work during the next days. I'll be very happy if you visit this address where you can find some photos of the meeting: www.vergaviagrande.it/scuola/comenius/08/comenius08.php

Thursday, 20 November 2008


On the following link you can see an article on the local newspaper "La Voz" regarding Miguel de Cervantes School trip to CORK. We all thank Mr. Manuel Sote as he has been the one who made it possible.
As well as " La Voz"the EU Project was presented in Cork on the local Newspaper, "Evening Echo". You can all see Lorena Nuñez in action for a cookery demonstration. "Spanish Omelet". Presentation of Cork.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


We are meeting up at St.Mary on the Hill to talk about these issues:
  1. Next Meeting will be in Poland on the 7th and 8th of May.
  2. We reviewed our activities and we have set up the Conference time-table as it follows: December, January and February; Wales-Poland,Spain-Sweden, Ireland-Italy. March, April and May: Poland-Spain, Italy-Wales, Ireland-Sweden.
  3. Comenius Comitee in each country established.
  4. Teddy Bear´s Journey (2months in each country)in 2008/9: Travel from Wales to Spain and then to Italy. We´ll have one entry a week on the blog. The name of the Teddy Bear will be SWISPI.

  5. Christmas Cards will be exchanged before the 20th of December.
  6. Festivals will be on the following dates: San Mauro on the 15th of January, Feria at Jerez is on the 10th of May. St.Patricks Day, March the 17th, Ireland, St.Davids Day on the 15th of March, Wales. Sobotki, 23rd of June, Poland.
  7. Distribution of Tasks: Wales checks Swispi, Spain checks the blog, Poland the games, Italy checks songs and poems and Sweden checks the language.
  8. Coockery Demostration in Poland: Ireland and Sweden.
  9. Logo Competition Winner: WALES.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


Monday 16th of November and here we are. Today we are waking up at 07'00 a.m because we are leaving at 08.15to School. Breakfast time is at 7.30 altough some of our pupils woke up much earlier because of their nervousness. These are some of the pics we took in Cork.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

DAY 1: At St.Mary on the Hill Primary School

As you know we are in Cork for few days. We hope we can do a great job and our pupils have an incredible experience at the School. We have been picked up by Kevin (the principal) and another two teachers. They gave us a lift to the Hotel and we have arranged everthing asap to go out and have a nice lunch. So far, the experience is really nice as my pupils are under unlimited stimulus and some of them have asked few questions to the teachers, cavin crews, waiters etc... I am glad to see how they are facing to this new situation.

Monday, 3 November 2008


On the 16th of November we are taking off from Malaga to Cork. In our first meeting, we are 8 pupils and 3 teachers. We are all looking forward to seeing Cork and the School. These are some of the topics we will discuss in Cork:

  • Date for next project meeting in May.
  • Review our project objectives, activities and outcomes for those countries that were not present at the partner finding meeting in Melilla, i.e. Sicily and Sweden.
  • Formation of a Comenius Committee in each School.
  • Exchange of a simple recipe from each country for cookery book.
  • Exchange of information about the natinal festivals of each country: St.Patrick´s day etc..
  • Organisation of Website, Blog and Video Conferencing.
  • Organisation and purchase of Travelling Teddy Bear.
  • Discussion on the exchange of Christmas Cards.
  • Exchange of and discussion on the religion and traditions in each country.
  • Exchange of a simple game of each country.
  • Discussion of future communication and Duties of each country.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


As some of you already know in October we are running our Logo Competition. The winner of our School will be show in Ireland with others European winners. If we are lucky enough will use it as a symbol in any activity carried out during our Project. We will post soon some pics of pupils working on it.
Comenius Leader,
Mario Cortijo.


On the 17th and 18 of November we are running our first meeting in Cork. We are taking with us 8 pupils and 3 teachers and we probably spend like 4/5 days away from School. We are all looking forward to this new experience in our School.
For more information about Cork, please read on the following link: Cork, Ireland