Monday, 23 November 2009

Swedish poem, song and story

Ghost poem

A thick, a tiny
A small, a big
Deep down there is a ghost
Is he scary?
No, no, no
He just wants to say HALLO!

Mothers little Olle (song)

Mothers little Olle in the forest went, roses on the cheek and sunshine in the eyes.
Small lips of berries are blue, only I did not have to go so lonely here!

Brummelibrum, who shamble there? Bushes creak. A dog it is!
Shaggy is the fur, but Olle is happy: Oh, a friend, it was good see you hallo!

Clap so the bear with small hands, hold up the basket: Look, taste!
Winnie, he eats up most everything there is: Listen, I think, that you like the berries.

Mother could now see them, gave a cry. The bear ran away, now the game is over.
Oh, why you scared away my friend? Mother dear, ask him to come again!

The story about the little little woman(by Elsa Beskow)

Once oupon a time there was a little little woman who lived in a little little cottage.

She had a little little chair, and a little little table and a little little stool and a little little bucket.

And she had a little little cow who said MUUU.

And a little little cat who said who said MJAU.

One time the little little woman her little little bucket and went out to milk her little little cow.

She put the little little bucket with milk on the little little table.

The little little cat came in…
At first he stepted up on to the little little stool and the up on to the little little chair and then up to the little little table and drank up all the milk!

The little little woman came in…


The cat ran in to the woods and never returened.

Friday, 20 November 2009

The chesnut festival from Spain

The chestnut- man visited us today at school and made roasted chesnut to celebrated autumn.
Happy Autumn.


From opposite sites of the Old Continent
you have got here, and all together
we’ve lived with very busy
the few days that have flown away.

Who came from Ireland, the enchanted island
so rich in sound and in magic atmospheres;
who came from Sweden, white and velvety,
and who came from Wales, with its busy mines.

Shy and sweet the beautiful Poland
that as a gift a great pope left us;
and finally Spain, the most vehement,
where colours are so hot and are so bright.

My island, with its loving hug
gave all of you its warm welcome;
it gave you what the most precious it owns:
its beauty and its so big heart.

Different languages, different traditions
throughout some days we have shared;
with friendship our opinions
With a smile we have always exchanged

But above all it was so fabulous
seeing in all the children’s alert eyes
in front of you that twinkling so curious,
those flashes in their smiling glances.

I want that they are able to understand
(it’s what I believe, it’s what I like the most)
as they are the future of all of us,
that it’s so easy and sweet living in peace!

Paola Battiato

From "LA SICILIA" - sicilian newspaper

Il «Verga» a confronto con le scuole europee
E’ stata sicuramente un’esperienza intensa e positiva quella vissuta – nell’arco dei tre giorni del progetto Comenius – dalla comitiva degli studenti e dei professori europei ospiti degli studenti e dei professori dell’istituto comprensivo «G. Verga» di Viagrande perché, come ha detto il dirigente scolastico, prof. Giuseppe Trovato, «gli incontri tra le scuole sono sempre necessari, perché si confrontano contemporaneamente reciproci punti di forza e di debolezza».
In un’atmosfera davvero festosa, complici le straordinarie giornate di sole di questo scampolo di autunno, l’immancabile coreografia del carretto siciliano, con tanto di cavallo bardato, gruppo folk, e con l’orchestra della scuola che ha eseguito gli inni nazionali delle varie nazioni partecipanti (Galles, Irlanda, Polonia, Svezia, Spagna), a ricevere gli ospiti i rappresentanti dell’amministrazione comunale (con il vice sindaco Rosario Cristaldi e il presidente del Consiglio, Mimmo D’Agata), il comandante locale dei carabinieri, Saverio Girardi, il presidente dela Pro Loco, Nino Cucinotta, e il suo staff.
Insomma al progetto Comenius ha partecipato «l’intero territorio», come ha sottolineato il dirigente scolastico Trovato. A conclusione della visita, i docenti europei hanno espresso la loro più viva soddisfazione per l’accoglienza ricevuta.

Paolo Licciardello

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Dear all,
As you already know our Comenius Project is still on his way and we want to share and spread our experiences with all of you. We just came back from Siciliy and our local newspaper interviewed some of the teachers to gain information related to our aims on the project. Do read the full article please click on the following link:

Miguel de Cervantes School on the News.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Day 5: Sunday. Back to Spain.

GRAZIE, GRAZIE, GRAZIE MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a representative from Spain, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all and say that we had a fabulous time in Sicily and we have been treated so well. It is difficult to forget how these community of teachers, students, coordinators, families and all the staff has contributed to the project doing a magnificient job. We are so pleased and happy for have had this experience. We will not forget it at all and let´s keep on the good work for the better.

Congratulations once again.

Ciao Ciao

Day 4: Saturday in Catania. Sicily

Last day in Via grande.
At 8.30 in the morning the Poles, Swedes and Spaniards acompanied by some italian teachers,
went to see the famous Volcano, Etna. We took a bus and up we went to visit, first, an olive factory, and then we had the chance to walk along the volcano and step on the crater.
Afterward we had a very nice lunch at a restaurant and, finally, we went to buy very exotic honey in the countryside. At the end of the day, italians prepared a very nice farewell reception.
Thanks a lot to these very hospitable people.
Gracie, molto gracie.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Day 3 at Via Grande, Catania.

Some of the italian teachers CAME to pick up the entire group up at the Infant school. The little ones were waiting for us, dancing to the hymn of each country. ¨We visited some of the classrooms where the children sang and danced with some of the comenius teachers which was a lot of fun. We had a delicious coffee break with typical cakes handmade by the teachers. After that we came back to the secondary school. We were divided up to take part in different tasks, such as theater play, cooking, singing, and dancing.

First we visited some classrooms so children could ask some questions to the different teachers from different countries. One of the Spanish boys was very participative asking questions which was very good. At the end some of the teachers and the Spanish girls sang for everybody in costumes. Another two teachers did a play with puppets. Another group danced the tarantela. And the last group of comenius and some students along with a cook made the typical Sicilian canoli, that everybody tasted after the performance.

That day a large group of Italian teachers took the whole group to a Taormina picturesque town by the ocean and the mountains in their personal cars. After walking through the the town and doing some shopping we got ready for dinner. It was a very nice supper and all the countries sang typical songs from their countries. We had a fantastic time have fantastic memories.

Day 2 at Via Grande

Today we had a marvellous experience. All the countries and the five Spanish children went to the secondary school at Via Grande. There was a typical Sicilian carriage with three men playing the tarantela, the principal of the four schools, politicians, children and teachers. It was a very nice spectacle.

They took everybody to a room to receive us and the children were given some presents.They then offered us a big show with students playing instruments, singing and dancing. After the coffee break we went to visit the primary school. As the weather was so nice everyone was outside. Children danced the tarantela, and played P.E. games with the comenius teachers. It was really fantastic.

Afterward, we went back to the secondary school where we had lunch. It was hosted by the students. We went back to the hotel for a rest and then we went by bus to Catania. We walked all around the city with an english guide and then we had dinner at a restaurant where more Italian teachers joined us. The five spanish kids were spending the evening with the italian families. What a great experience for them!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Spanish group is already in Catania. The group left Jerez at 03.00 a.m heading to Seville´s airport. Once there, they flew to Rome and from there to Catania. The day has been long but it is great meeting our colleagues from every country in our Comenius Team. Pupils are tired and also happy ´cause they are alreday enjoying the trip. Italian and english are used during our stay and this is quite important as they need it to communicate with others. Tomorrow will be a crucial day for them as they are facing their first class at the italian school.
We are all looking forward.
By for now.
See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Wales - Poems

My Beautiful Wales

I think I would cry
If they made me say GOODBYE
To the beautiful land of Wales.

With the mountains so high,
Crystal streams running by,
All this in beautiful Wales.

Welsh rugby's a treat,
It's a great place to meet,
At the Millennium stadium in Wales.

Castle and leek,
The language we speak,
You can tell that we come from Wales.

This country is great!
Don't leave it too late,
To visit my beautiful Wales!


Wales is a land of castles and views,
Of lamb and cockles and delicious stews.
Wales is a land of choirs and coal,
Of people who laugh, with men on the dole.
Wales is a land of tips and waste
Where owners grabbed profits and left in haste,
Where headgears idle and die with rust
Where colliers gasp and cough up dust.
But Wales is a land, in spite of it all,
That goes mad with the joy of a rugby ball.
A match at the park with England to beat
The forwards tear through them, the ball at their feet.
Wales score thirty points, England four
Just revenge for days of yore
So remember boy you're a Cymro with a heart full of pride.
You'll play to win and never give in with all that 'hwyl' inside.
Remember our forefathers who fought in hills and dales.
Who left us our inheritance this lovely land called WALES.

Valley of daffodils

Living in a valley of daffodils
Not one, could others see
But my heart knew they were there,
Through the winds blowing free
They tipped every mountain
Cascaded to the waters edge
Trumpets all saluting
As to heavens rightful pledge
They showed me of the beauty
That was created for us to share
In this land of music trumpets sound,
whispering on air
Some harvested into homes
Brightening the rooms
Lightness of the yellows
Still whispering their tunes
How these daffodils in vision
Took me home to sleep
Cradled in mothers arms
A blanket of daffodils deep
The aroma of the scents
That fills every nook
Could never really be captured
In the words of a book
Their beauty is unfounded
Standing to attention
Sunrays compelling their shades
As your eyes are driven to retention
To capture daffodils on the breeze
Grasp out to hold and gain
Visualising thoughts of serenity
In your heart to remain.

Wales - Song - Heno, Heno - Lullaby

Heno, heno, hen blant bach,
Heno, heno, hen blant bach,
Dime, dime, dime, hen blant bach,
Dime, dime, dime, hen blant bach.

Gwely, gwely, hen blant bach,
Gwely, gwely, hen blant bach,
Dime, dime, dime, hen blant bach,
Dime, dime, dime, hen blant bach.

Fory, fory, hen blant bach,
Fory, fory, hen blant bach,
Dime, dime, dime, hen blant bach,
Dime, dime, dime, hen blant bach.

Translation is -

Tonight, tonight, dear little children,
Tonight, tonight, dear little children
Halfpenny, halfpenny, halfpenny, dear little children,
Halfpenny, halfpenny, halfpenny, dear little children.

Bed, bed, dear little children.
Bed, bed, dear little children.
Halfpenny, halfpenny, halfpenny, dear little children,
Halfpenny, halfpenny, halfpenny, dear little children.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, dear little children.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, dear little children.
Halfpenny, halfpenny, halfpenny, dear little children,
Halfpenny, halfpenny, halfpenny, dear little children.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Next Wednesday early in the morning, our group of teachers and pupils from Jerez de la frontera will take off to Italy, to visit the city of Catania. Here we imbed a video so you can all see where we are going to. We hope our students have a great time and they can also practice their languages skills. We´ll report from Catania and soon you will also have the chance to see photos and videos as well.


We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our happiness and pride because of your excellent and fabulous work within the Comenius Project. Well done once again and keep up the good work.

Talk to you soon.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

International School Award - WALES

We were very fortunate to receive the British Council's International School Award. We submitted a portfolio inJuly of evidence of the work completed by us and the links we have with our Comenius partner countries and received the Award in September. Thank you to everyone who have supported us and allowed us to win this award. :-)