Monday, 29 June 2009

Welsh Phrases

Here are some basic Welsh phrases to learn with your schools. Enjoy!


Good Morning
Bore da

Good Afternoon
Prynhawn da

Good Night
Nos da

Thank you
Diolch yn fawr

Os gwelwch yn dda

Excuse me
Esgusodwch fi.



Sobotki in Wales

We celebrated Sobotki in Wales by researching the Poland traditional festival, the girls made wreaths of flowers and leaves to throw into the river to find their true love and the boys made rings of fire to jump over to show their courage and strength (we converted our painted train track on our infant yard into a blue river using chalk). We had a fabulous time!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sicilian Legend

ACI e GALATEA: Sicilian legend.
As the first rays of sun touched the magical waters of the Island Lachea, the sweetnymphs jumped outside with their milky skin... [continues in .pdf]

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Midsummer festival

This is how we celebrate our Midsummer festival at our pre-school. We do all the traditional things. We'll show you in pictures.

We always celebrate Midsummer on the Tusday before the actuall day. Midsummer eve is always on a Friday, this year on the 19th of June. And it's a national holiday.
In our pre-school we prepare the everything on Monday. First everyone pick flowers for the maypole. And then we decorate it.

Then on Tuesday we have the actuall celebration together.

The yellow and blue dress is our national traditional costume.
We start everything by carrining the mayploe singing a tradional song to the place that the actuall dance takes place. Every year the oldest children go first in the line carring the maypole.

We had two musicans playing the violin and accordion while we sang and danced all the traditional Midsummer dances.

After the dance we eat ice-cream together.

We wish you all a wonderful summer.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


From Viagrande... The infant's school in "FESTA DI PRIMAVERA"

Friday, 12 June 2009


Some of the youngest children in our pree-school made cute ladybugs out of rooks.

Flower wreath for Midsummer

This is what we make together with our children for Midsummer. Usally we make flower wreaths of real flowers but it would take too long with all the children and this they can make by themselves.
We use a piece of paper that can fit around the childs head. Cardboard paper. And then we use differnet colors of silk paper for flowers and glue or staplers. Cut out smal pieces of silk paper and glue or staple on the cardboard wreath so it looks like flowers.

Our 5-6 year olds are cooking together. We're making the Sicilian pasta. The kids liked it very much.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Feria celebrations in Ireland

Feria was celebrated in St Mary's on the Hill N.S. in May. 5th class learned all about Spanish food, customs, culture and geography. We also played traditional games, such as the piñata, and studied traditional clothing.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Video Conferences - Wales and Sicily

Wales and Sicily have had two video conferences - one in May and one in June. They were both very successful and both classes of children thoroughly enjoyed talking to each other about their country, schools, interests and culture.


Poland and Spain had their video conference on the 4th of June. Pupils of 6th grade exchanged general information such as greetings, topics of their interest like sports, likes and dislikes, typical food, region where they live etc...

Students enjoyed the activity very much and they are also looking forward to get in touch again.

We´ll be back very soon on the web.

Poland and Spain.