Monday, 31 August 2009


Hello - cześć
Good morning - dzień dobry
Goodbye - dowidzenia
Good night - dobranoc
Thank you - dziękuję :-)
Please - proszę
Yes - tak
No - nie

Saturday, 15 August 2009


  1. Dia duit: Hello
  2. Slán leat: Goodbye
  3. Go raibh maith agat: Thank you
  4. Más é do thoil é: please
  5. Gabh mo léithscéal: excuse me
  6. Sea: Yes
  7. Ní hea: No
  8. Dia duit ar an maidin: Good morning
  9. Oíche mhaith: Good night

Sobotki in Poland

On the 24th of June we were celebrating Sobotki.
It was a day of joy and fun in our school and not
only.The girls were making wreaths of flowers
and throwing them on the water. It is said that
the first boy to pick up the flowers will become
their future husband. In the evening the adults
organize bonne fire and the boys are jumping
over it what is admired by the girls.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Hello - Hola.
Good Bye - Adiós.
Good morning - Buenos Días.
Good night- Buenas noches.
Thank you - Gracias.
Please - Por favor.
Excuse me - perdone.
Yes - Si.
No - No
Happy holidays - Felices vacaciones.