Friday, 30 October 2009

Unique fairy tale (PART 6) SPAIN

It was getting dark and both of them were sleepy from the long journey. Near the elephants cage they found a nice place to rest. This was a good chance for the manager to kidnap little Ben. He left a note for the red dragon:
If you do not want something bad to happen to Ben come to the circus tomorrow morning.”
So he did, he was captured by the manager of the circus and some friends and placed io a cage. The dragon became so angry that expelled fire from his mouth and melted the cage. Frightened the circus manager told him that the child was back at his town.
He flew looking for the boy. People in town were afraid of him. A man threw a spear right into his heart. Ben began crying and took it out. A bright light covered the town and the dragon was taken up into the clouds.
Since that time there is peace in the town and every year they continue celebrating the dragon day.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Unique fairy tale (part 5) Poland

Ben and the Red Dragon decided to see the circus show. They have landed just in front of the Circus' tent. Their curiosity led them into the tent. They sat in the back and the show started. The circus manager noticed the unexpected guests and thought that the Dragon will attract lots of people to the circus. The manager decided to offer the Dragon a job. And so he did but the Red Dragon rejected the offer. That made the circus manager so angry that he decided to take a revenge on the Red Dragon.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

COMENIUS PROJECT: SWISPI's Polish and Irish diary

COMENIUS PROJECT: SWISPI's Polish and Irish diary

SWISPI's Polish and Irish diary

Hi everyone. SWISPI's Polish diary and some of his Irish diary are available to read. Just click on the link for SWISPI's European adventures below, which will bring you to the ST. Marys on the Hill school website, and click on the image of SWISPI.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Unique fairy tale (Part 4) Sweden

They followed the slippery rainbow. When they came to the other side there were lots of flowers. They continued and came to a forest. There they meet a bear an elk and a small dear whose name was Bambi. The little dear had lost her mother. The dragon saw Bambi’s mother and father far down the road. The dragon flew them there. Then the dragon flew the whole family to the lidless barbell which was their home. Ben and the dragon waved goodbye and kept on going on their journey. Then they saw a circus wagon and an animal parade on the road. The dragon became curious…