Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Minutes of Project meeting: Poland '09

  • Each country that is interested in extending the project by one year will contact their own national agency to obtain further information.
  • The next project meeting will be held on November 12th and 13th in Italy
  • SWISPI was brought to Poland from Spain by Mario and will remain there until the summer. He will be sent to Ireland in mid August and must arrive no later than August 30th. He will remain in Ireland until November and Claire will bring him to the next project meeting on the 12th and 13th.
  • Video Conferencing partners for the next session in September, October and November are as follows:
- Poland and Ireland - Spain and Wales - Sweden and Italy
  • The Unique Fairy Tale will begin on September 7th. Each country will contribute a paragraph (around 10 lines) in the following order:

-Wales: 7th-11th of September

-Ireland: 14th-18th of September

-Italy: 21st-25th of September

-Sweden: 28th of September- 2nd of October

-Poland: 5th-9th of October

-Spain: 12th-16th of October

Each country must submit their paragraph to the blog by their deadline or it will affect the next country’s ability to complete their work on time. If any country is having difficulty sticking to their deadline they must inform Claire as soon as possible.

  • Each country was reminded of the importance of putting all the information and images of completed work on the blog. Suggestions for information that should be submitted so far:


-Religion and traditions information

-Information on your country’s National festival

-Images or information on how each school celebrated the national festivals of

their partner countries

-Unique game instructions

  • Each country will put the following phrases in their own language on the blog by June 30th:

-Hello-Goodbye-Thank you-Please-Excuse me-Yes-No-Good morning-Good night.

  • Claire will fill out the coordinators end of year evaluation form and email it to each country at the end of May
  • Each school will send 20 Christmas cards to a partner school. They will bring them to the next project meeting or post them before December 1st 2009. The following countries are partnered with each other:

-Italy and Ireland -Sweden and Poland -Wales and Spain

  • Poland and Spain will conduct cookery demonstrations at the next project meeting
  • Claire will email her colleague Ger’s email address to Teresa so that she can send him weekly/fortnightly updates about SWISPI. Ger will convert this information into an on line book. Mario will email all the information about SWISPI’s adventures in Spain directly to Ger in Ireland.
  • Monica discussed the methodologies used, by the Swedish education system, to teach English through play. It was agreed that this information is useful and that she would put this information on the blog.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Feria Celebration in Wales

On Monday 11th May, we celebrated Feria de Jerez in Wales. Each class took part in a variety of activities, learning about Spain, its culture and its language. The Infant Department took part in a Horse Parade. They made their own hobby horses, named them and took them on a journey around the school. As you can see by the photographs, we had lots of fun!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


SWISPI starts a new journey from Spain. He is going to Bytow, Poland to share his experiences with all infants pupils. So far, he has been living in Wales and Spain and he´s looking forward to meeting up with Polish people.

Thank you to Spain for the adventures lived together with students in Cervantes School.

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