Monday, 28 June 2010

Sobótki in Rokity

During the świętojański period which is the culmination of the summer solstice (every year from 23 to 24) are cultivated in June Kashubian customs and rituals, as Midsummer Night celebration. The celebration takes place on the hills or the lakes. The magic of this holiday inspires our imagination, because who does not like to hear stories about witches?

Every year, the villagers gather around the fire to cleanse with fire their faults which is fulfilled with court by Kania. During the night of reconciliation and harmony girls put wreaths on the water and boys catch them, which spells the girls a quick marriage. Finding a fern flower also provides a variety of sensations, because in spite of the emotions during the search, it is not allowed for anyone to turn, or talk. Fortune will belong to the one who will find a fern flower that only blooms in the night.

Such habits and many other fortune-telling are nurtured today in Kashubia.

Sobótki in Rokity

Children from Rokity also had this year, Sobotka, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with our comments.

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